Tuesday, January 21, 2014

No play-no way!

Our morning routine of treats and then play time were cut short by a plea for a sewing repair on my husband's sweater. I  only had a few minutes for this, and quickly threw  the hanger down on the counter and started my repair work. Baxter wasn't happy the normal wasn't happening and quickly and curiously scrambled to the counter swatting the hanger about with a glance every so often in my direction to see if a reprimand  was on its way. 

I noticed his antics alright, but didn't have a second to scold him.

When said sweater was completed, Baxter was nowhere to be found and neither was the hanger. 

Searching on my hands and knees for it I finally found it, but not the culprit!

Silly cat. Curious yes. Spiteful? Well what do you think?!

Thursday, May 23, 2013

So it's not manly to own a cat!!

Cats are funny creatures. Like you don't know that already!

I am finding though, that many people just don't like cats. Take my brother-in-law for instance. Over the weekend he was in our home and when he saw our cat and how much both my husband and I love him, he kind of snickered and said, "Oh no, I can't believe you're a cat lover now!" He didn't have much of a chance to interact with our feline friend because, of course, Baxter didn't know him and ran under the couch and stayed there!

I asked him why and he responded by saying he just loved dogs better. They were just more manly.

Wow! Really??

My Aunt Mary just sent me a picture from the 50's of Marlon Brando and his adorable white cat that he loved dearly. You can't get more manly than Marlon Brando and he loved his cat!!! (I attach the link here so you can see the pics - http://www.vintag.es/2013/03/marlon-brando-with-his-cat-at-home.html)

Sometimes I see men walking through our development with the tiniest white fluffy dog. Does that mean they aren't manly men?? Ridiculous!

I kept my mouth shut because you just can't change anyone's mind about things, especially if they aren't open for change. And he certainly wasn't!

Well, his loss - not mine!

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Mommy's away so the cat will play

About a month ago, I decided I had had enough of winter and brightened up the house with a silk flower arrangement filled with yellows, pale greens and soft pinks on a pedestal stand near the front door. I hung my spring wreath outside on the front porch, added a brand new yellow tablecloth in the dining room along with an arrangement in the center of Styrofoam eggs that I had hand painted and decorated with glitter and small flowers many years before. All this in preparation for Easter and the spring I was so desperately longing for.

It made my mood brighten and somehow, the house seemed more cheerful and expectant of good weather days ahead.

The first few days after my festive activity went unnoticed by my feline friend, Baxter. This surprised me as I know how curious cats usually are. He seemed unfazed by the addition of new items added to the home. But, of course, the only thing he could possibly get his paws on was sitting on the dining room table! The others were out of his reach, thankfully.

A few days went by and all was well. Then, on the following Saturday, my husband and I were out shopping for most of the day and didn't come home till late that evening. I didn't notice anything unusual until the following morning when I went into the dining room to open the blinds.

Little yellow and purple eggs were scattered across the room. Some were flung under the hutch and others under the server. Still others I had to hunt for as they were clear across the room and even into the living room beyond!

Ah my curious friend decided to play while Mommy was away. All week long he hadn't even so much as touched them!

Was he being spiteful??? Or just curious and bored??

If I know my little friend at all, I'd say it was probably all the above!

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Love Bite

Monday night I was recovering from an epidural injection to my cervical spine (the saga continues!) and resting on the sofa with ice (of course!) along with my husband, dad and mother-in-law. Believe it or not, my 86 year old father was the one who drove me, while my mother-in-law stayed behind and cared for Baxter.
She just happened to be with us for the weekend, not because Baxter needed any babysitting.

My furry feline friend decided to get in some late night exercise and frolicked from couch to chair and even ran with lightning speed up and down the stairs all while we were trying to watch a good movie on Netflix.

He screeched and yelped and made so much noise I thought only a bigger animal could possibly be trapped in our home instead of Baxter.

He made one last leap across my tired and sore body only to make a stab at biting me before landing deftly on the wood floor next to me. Ouch!

My feline friend is such a comfort. Not. He's a spoiled little toddler cat who was probably none to happy to have been left alone with.....the MOTHER-IN-LAW!

He was probably very annoyed at me and took this opportunity to let me know it.  Gee, thanks Baxter.

My dad got quite a kick out of this strange, but sometimes loveable creature. Of course, he wasn't the one with a bit of blood on his wrist.

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Love at Last

I tried to take a nap today while resting my upper back with ice, and normally Baxter would be right next to me cuddling up. He seems to like those afternoon naps as much as I do - when I can, that is.

But today, he was nowhere to be found. I searched for him knowing that cats are like that. The minute you want them, they are gone. "In how many places could he hid?", I wondered. I looked under beds and even in the bathroom sink. Yes, he sometimes like to sleep there too.

But he was nowhere to be found and I resigned to nap without his warm, furry body next to mine.

Then suddenly, a leap from out of space and there he was. My furry friend hadn't forgotten me after all.

We slept for half an hour or so and then it was over.

Later while preparing some tea, he watched me from the rug in front of the fridge, and as I turned to speak to him, he blinked. A long, slow blink that let me know he loves me. And I blinked back speaking soft love words to him to let him know, yes, I love you too!

It is amazing to me how much one could love and be loved by an animal. My Veterinarian tells me that cats are the number one pet in America now. I can understand that. They are pretty easy (compared to dogs!) to take care of after all. Yet the love they give is no less than that of dogs.

How about you? How does your cat love you?

Friday, February 22, 2013

My Little Feline Buddy - He does love me!

I have been struggling the last two weeks with a lot of upper back pain due to herniated discs.
No, don't worry, I'm not writing this for any sympathy.

Cats aren't as understanding as dogs - or rather, as sympathetic as dogs can be. I remember our dog, George, comforting me when I was sick or crying over the loss of a loved one. He would lay his large head (he weighed 80 pounds!) in my lap and look up at me with woeful, dark brown eyes and without words, would let me know he knew my pain and was loving me through it.

Not so with my furry feline friend, Baxter. He becomes impatient and demanding if our routine everyday is suddenly different. And it has been. Usually when I first wake up I give him a few treats and we play for about ten minutes or so. I run around the house with a feather toy and he just loves chasing that thing. I race up the stairs and then down the stairs and he follows me deftly until he finally catches his prey. Or I let him.

Needless to say, I haven't been able to do that lately. He has become a bit frustrated with me and the other day started to nip ever so gently, and then not so gently on my ankles. Great. So now my upper back and my ankles are in pain!

Well, yesterday morning I had had enough of his shenanigans. Truth be told, I actually felt bad my little friend wasn't being understanding and was only thinking of himself. You can see, pain was making me a bit delusional.

So, after being nipped in the ankles again, I yelled at him and decided to ignore him the rest of the day. No rubbing his favorite spot just above the nose; no speaking sweet nothings in his ear. Nothing. I feed him and that was that.

Later in the afternoon I lay down on the sofa with ice on my back listening to soft music and hoping the pain would subside, and lo and behold my furry friend leaps up on the couch and sits on top of the cushion just next to me, curls up into a ball with one paw dangling right above my head. His head was slumped low enough that we were just a breath away from each other.

Here was my buddy at last, comforting me with his presence. Just like our dog, George had done many years before.

He does love me! He is after all, just a year and a half old little boy. He needed a little discipline and I needed a little love. Yesterday, we both got just that.

Friday, February 8, 2013

My spoiled cat - but oh so adorable

Yesterday things were pretty busy around here and my favorite feline Baxter was full of high energy. Some days are like that with cats. Not sure why, that's just the way it is.

Well yesterday my beloved and endearing cat was in high energy mode. He has a small giraffe stuffed animal toy that I bought for him when he was a sickly little fluff of fur which I now find in places all around the house, and yesterday my cat was in the mood for activity and pounced on it and then tossed it around the living room attacking it and chewing it with much angst.

I couldn't help laugh at his ferocious play time, and was glad it wasn't me he decided to chew on this day.

He soon grew tired of this animal who wouldn't fight back and decided it was time to turn to flesh and bone.
Yikes! I guess that means me!!!!!!

Walking past me he lunged at my ankles and gave me a quick nip. Nothing harsh - just enough to let me know he wanted to play and I just wasn't cooperating.

But I have learned not to give in to these kinds of pleas. So I ignored the little bugger. Aren't you proud of me? I'm usually one to cave in, but I'm learning!

When he couldn't (and I wouldn't!) get what he wanted, he began to cry. Long pitiful cries that almost sounded like he was calling me Mommy!!!!

Then being the oh-so-smart and never-give-up kind of cat that he is, he tore off his collar in one last attempt to get my attention.

And then he sat there all wide-eyed and docile hoping I would notice his final pitiful plea and give in.

Which I did.  Now don't be harsh with me. I said I was learning. But who could resist this adorable, crafty feline?????